Watercolour with Andrea Tierney

Course Details

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

Dates: 21 Jan - 18 Feb
Tuesday 2:00 am
Fees: £15 per session. 10% discount if you pay for the four sessions up front, or are in receipt of benefits Materials are not supplied.

Workshop 1

Basics of drawing, mark making and shading techniques

Looking at contrast, tone, negative space, line and area

Drawing a still life

Required materials: HB or a range of pencils, rubber, sharpener, drawing paper

Workshop 2

Drawing and painting in ink

Learning to use nib pen and brush

Sketching figures

Required materials: Nib pen, Watercolour brushes (nr 4 and 6), black ink (water resistant), drawing paper (120g or more), palette

Workshop 3

Watercolour painting

Learning the basics of colour mixing

Painting wet on wet

Learning glazing techniques (painting in layers)

Looking at principles of composition

Painting a still life

Required materials: pencil, watercolour paints, palette, brushes (nr 4/6/8), watercolour paper

Workshop 4

Combining watercolour techniques with ink drawing

Mixing secondary colours, creating skin colour ranges

Using both drawing and painting techniques for portraiture or figure

Required materials: watercolour paints, black ink (water resistant), brushes, nib pen, palette, watercolour paper with a smooth surface texture.

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