Drawing & Painting in Ink is a three week course led by experienced artist and educator, Andrea Tierney.

Wednesdays 2 – 5pm

7 – 21 October inclusive

Course Fee: £60 adults (£45 concessions)

Using ink in art has been a popular technique throughout the ages : Rembrandt and Turner used it, as did Van Gogh. The process combines the techniques of drawing and painting in a simple but effective way.

During this three week course, you will learn how to master the techniques of drawing and painting in ink and perhaps be inspired to take part in the Inktober 2020 Challenge.

Workshop 1 : In the first session we look at the basics of drawing, mark making and shading with a nib pen and ink. We focus on contrast, tone, negative space, line and area by creating a small still life with fruit.

Workshop 2 : By learning how to sketch your street, you will learn how to combine drawing and painting in ink, how to dilute the ink to achieve the effect you want and layering techniques.

Workshop 3 : Landscapes encompass so many aspects; from clouds to perspective; painting and drawing to layering.

This course is suitable for beginners as well as those who have some experience of Drawing & Painting in Ink. In each workshop you learn techniques and work on a composition.

You will need to provide your own materials for this course.

  • Bottle of black permanent (waterproof) ink
  • Watercolour brushes sizes 4 & 6
  • Dip Pen Nib for drawing (not calligraphy) and nib-holder
  • Medium weight Cartridge paper (120gsm), A4 or A3
  • HB Pencil, rubber, sharpener
  • Palette
  • Apron or old shirt

About the Tutor

Andrea Tierney is a practising artist with a training in Fine Art, Digital media and Textile Design. She has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and worked in artist residencies in Italy, the Czech Republic and Austria.
For 15 years she worked as art teacher in High Schools and as visiting artist in Primary and High Schools as well as taught Life Drawing and Drawing and Painting in Adult Education.



“Distanced” performance art event features Vivian Chinasa Ezugha and Joseph Morgan Schofield.

Friday 16 October

7 – 10pm

Tickets: £10 Click here to book

Rebecca Weeks and Ian Whitford founded Performance Platform. They curate and manage the series “Distanced”, which is a monthly performance art event. They are motivated by a desire to support performance art, artists and audiences in London at this challenging time. The event provides a supportive inclusive environment and encourage inter generational dialogue by working with emergent, mid career and established artists.

This month Vivian Chinasa Ezugha and Joseph Morgan Schofield are the artists. They have performed at venues across the UK and Europe.

About the Participating Artists

Vivian Chinasa Ezugha is the Winner of the NAE Open Main Prize in 2019.

She is a Nigerian-born artist living and working in Hampshire. Her work looks at the transition of Black women and their identity within culture from colonised subjects to emancipated figures. Vivian works mainly in performance, using the medium to disconnect and reconstruct what it means to be alive in current times and protest for a world where dreams are equal. She is the founder of Live Art in Wymondham, a one-day site-specific event that aims to bring emerging artists working in live art to rural Norfolk.

Vivian has presented her work in venues across Europe, America and the UK including: In Between Time Festival as part of the New Bloods Commission, SPILL Festival and Rapid Pulse International Performance Art Festival.

Tonight her work is entitled “Having Double Tongue”


Joseph Morgan Schofield works with action and words and describes their performance as queer ritual action. Working in a variety of ways, Joseph seeks always to be responsive to site and environment.

They are an associate artist of ]performance sp ace[, a member of Chisenhale Dance Space, and a frequent collaborator of Venice International Performance Art Week. Joseph has performed throughout the UK – including at Tempting Failure, Arnolfini, Camden People’s Theatre and ]performance s p a c e[ – and internationally in France, Germany, Greece and Italy.


To buy a ticket for “Distanced” performance art event click here

Join our Online Writing Fiction Course if you enjoy writing fiction, want to expand your skills and find your readers.


29 September – 1 December

7 – 9pm


£12 per session (£100 for the 10 week course)

Our online writing course combines high quality learning with the comfort and convenience of your home and the support of like minded creatives.

This series of 10 workshops is ideal for those with at least some experience of writing fiction and is structured to cover key aspects of our craft including:

  • planning
  • plotting
  • making characters sweat
  • voice, tone and dialogue,
  • point of view,
  • narrative distance and changing focus
  • coincidence and credibility
  • redrafting and editing

Each session includes practical exercises, tips and sharing work.

This online writing fiction course will get you writing regularly and you’ll have produced a body of work by the end of it.

All you need to join this supportive group is

  • a web browser
  • internet connection
  • access to a desktop, laptop or mobile device
  • a passion for writing!

About the Tutor

Mark Kirkbride was educated at Kingston and Oxford. He is the author of two novels, with another due out in October. His most recent work, Game Changers of the Apocalypse, was a semi-finalist in the Kindle Book Awards 2019. He’s written across a range of media, including narrative design for a game developer and creating content for an app, but he specialises in fiction. His short stories have appeared in Under the BedSci Phi JournalDisclaimer MagazineFlash Fiction Magazine and So It Goes: The Literary Journal of the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library. He works as a Subtitle Editor in London and is also a Creative Workshop Tutor for the University for the Creative Arts.


This four week Drawing for Beginners course covers all the basic techniques you need to create your own artwork.

Fridays 10am – 12pm

2 – 23 October inclusive

Limited to 10 participants

Course Fee: £70 for Adults (£50 for Concessions)

On this four week course you will get to grips with

  • the basic principles of mark making
  • perspective
  • shading
  • use of colour

By the end of this intensive Drawing for Beginners course you will be more confident in your mark making ability and be able to draw still life, interiors and of course, people.

Each week we email you handouts to supplement the week’s lesson and enable you to continue your development at home, in your own time.

We have taken every care to keep you safe and comfortable attending this face to face course. Everyone has their own desk and we are at least 2m between one another. We sanitise all equipment before and after the class and washrooms and door handles hourly.

You need to provide your own materials for this course:

  • A set of Sketching pencils
  • Sketchbook or Pad (A2 or A3)
  • Eraser, Sharpener & Ruler

About the tutor

Sheila Moylan has a B.A. (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture and Psychology from UEL where she focused on body casting and self portraiture graduating in 1995.

She has worked creatively with young people for most of her career mainly in schools at one point running an alternative programme to GCSE in Richmond making art the main subject. Since 2015 has worked within Ealing running art classes for adults with learning difficulties for local charity Artification and for the last three years has successfully run Life Drawing classes at OPEN Ealing including piloting a Life Drawing for Beginners and Sculpture for Beginners class and children’s classes. Her approach is inclusive, supportive and encouraging to even absolute beginners.

She has exhibited her work at Slaughterhouse Gallery Smithfield, Orleans House Gallery Richmond and more recently the W3 Gallery in Acton, but mainly works on commission.


Among the Trees Watercolour Course led by Gail Astbury coincides with the exhibition running at The Hayward Gallery. The exhibition runs until 31 October 2020 and features work from 37 international artists who explore ours and their relationship with trees and forests.

Course Dates: 15 September – 20 October

Day: Tuesdays

Time: 2 – 4pm

Course Fee: £120 Adults (£90 Concession)

Limited to 10 people

During this 6 week course Gail uses the works of modern and contemporary watercolour masters who focus on trees in different ways. Many of the artists are part of the exhibition at the Hayward Gallery.

Week 1: Inspirational Master – Raoul Dufy who used open wash background colours with brush drawn detail and textures on top. Compare his avenues of trees to the Oak and Lime trees in Walpole Park.

Week 2: Inspirational Master – Abel Rodriguez. We will focus on the way he observes and draws leaf structures and biodiversity. He creates a layered and carefully constructed treescape canopy with no background. He is particularly fond of the trees of the Amazon.

Week 3: Inspirational Master – Toba Khedoori is an Australian painter fascinated by the detail in nature which surrounds us everyday. We will study how she paints closeup networks of branches and leaves using a limited colour palette and how she creates loose, sculptural tangles of foliage. She uses sketches and photographs to gather information for her painting.

Week 4: Inspirational Master – Peter Doig is famous for re-imagining nature through which to see a crime scene or a hidden history. He frequently uses photographs and newspapers or film clippings to create his composition which he then simplifies. He adds colour and texture to create mood and atmosphere.

Week 5: Inspirational Master – Georgia O’Keefe. This American painter has been named as “the mother of modern art” and her style is instantly recognisable. She is fascinated by nature and in this session we study her techniques of using autumn leaves. We shall focus on their patterns and colours at the same time as simplifying the composition and using a single image to fill the space.

Week 6: Inspirational Master – Laura Owens uses light and playful processes to create magical paintings. She uses an open wash background like Dufy but adds collaged details, such as leaves and birds to create a lyrical whole.

About the Tutor

Gail Astbury has a B.A. (Hons) Fine Art Painting from Wimbledon UAL and has recently gained an MA in Contemporary Arts Practice from Goldsmiths University and Tate Galleries 2014. Her work has featured in many prominent locations such as London’s Trafalgar Square, the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Academy and she has works held in the collection of the MMSU Museum of Modern Art in Croatia.

Gail makes series of paintings and watercolours in her studios in London and La Péruse, southwest France. Her work starts with her immediate surroundings, taking photos, sketching and amassing a picture library to draw reference from. She then plays with the imagery, using scale, colour, edits and zoom to select and highlight interesting focal points. She uses a range of techniques from renaissance lighting and brushwork to the colour and decorative compositions of 20th century modernism through to contemporary mass media image making and production. The resulting paintings are celebratory, they tell visual tales and proclaim societal hopes and fears.  http://www.gailastbury.com 

4 workshops for oil painters with some experience

Wednesdays 10am – 1pm

30 September

7 October

14 October

21 October

Adult Course Fee: £100 (Concession Fee: £80

Limited to 10 artists

“A Special Place” is a month of weekly project-based workshops for oil painters. It is a place for you start a painting of a place you know and bring it to fruition with support and encouragement from an experienced oil painter.

To enable you to get the most from this course, you will have some experience of using oil paints.

Led by professional artist and experienced tutor, Diana Braybrook, you will cover:

Session 1: Planning the Painting. You will use sketches, your photos and your memories to decide the size, format and composition best suited to the subject. We shall also discuss “ground colour”.

Session 2: The Initial Layer. You will focus on painting the sky and distant objects and underpainting for the mid ground.

Session 3: Mid Ground. You will focus on ways of achieving spatial depth and planning the foreground.

Session 4: Foreground. In this session we focus on the importance of colour and texture.

We shall provide the following equipment for the workshops:

  • Studio easel, chair and small table
  • Non-toxic painting medium
  • Large single use paper palettes
  • Jam jar for holding wet brushes
  • Space on a drying rack to hold one wet painting per artist between sessions.

You need to bring the following materials:

  • Sketches/photos of subject – possibly a couple of options
  • Paper & drawing materials for preparatory work – ruler also useful
  • Stretched canvas or board to paint on – maximum size is 594 x 891 mm (23.4 x 33.1 in)
  • Oil paints, brushes, palette knife/s
  • Rags or kitchen roll
  • Small pot or jar with lid for painting medium (non-toxic medium provided)
  • Baby wipes for messy fingers
  • Plastic bag to take used brushes home for cleaning

About the Tutor

Diana Braybrook trained initially at Camberwell College of Art, London before studying for her degree in History of Art & Architecture at Reading University.

She is currently resident artist at Osterley Park & House, Isleworth where she uses the Garden Gallery in the stable block as her studio and occasional exhibition space. Visitors are welcome to visit her on an open studio day or by prior arrangement.

Diana is also an experienced tutor and has recently stepped down as a tutor at the 4020 club in LB Ealing.



9 September – 14 October

2 – 4.30pm

Limited to 10 people

Our Beginners & “Improvers” Drawing & Painting Course is for you if

  • You have taken a few steps towards drawing and painting and want assistance to develop further
  • You have thought about starting, but not quite sure how to go about it
  • You want to develop your artistic confidence with a refresher

In this six week course artist and tutor Joel Sydenham will show you how to master mark making and handle a paint brush using in class exercises and demonstrations.

The course is structured so you develop and build on your skills. Each week we explore different creative approaches, visual language and artistic techniques aimed at helping you discover your own unique style of expression and enable you to create art that matches your taste.

You have the choice of working in either acrylic or oils in this Beginners & “Improvers” Drawing & Painting course. And you are encouraged to draw or paint a subject of your choosing each week, provided you incorporate the newly learned techniques and concepts in your work wherever possible.

Materials needed – you will have to provide your own materials for the course:

  • Set of pencils for sketching
  • Pencil sharpener; an eraser; ruler
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint
  • 1 x pad of paper suitable for acrylic or oil paints

Cass Art have very good starter kits which include paint, brushes and paper – www.cassart.co.uk starter acrylic set or starter oil set 

About the Tutor

Joel Sydenham (chidi3s) is a visual artist based in Acton, London, with a degree in chemical engineering, which he gave up to fulfil his dream of being an artist, and follow his passion for connecting with people on an emotional level. He is a qualified tutor running workshops for charities, educational organisations, and youth centres across London.

His personal philosophy is “self-expression, leads to self-knowledge, which leads to self-actualisation”. He believes every individual is born a creative genius, and his personal goal for his workshops is to help people gain the necessary skills to express that genius.

Monday 2 – 5pm

7 – 28 September

Course Fee: £80 Adult (£60 concession)

Limited to 10 people only

This Intermediate to Advanced Drawing course is designed for learners who have already completed a basic drawing course, and who are confident and adventurous in their outlook.

In a relaxed, informal and supportive atmosphere course participants will cultivate their repertoire of mark making and expand their knowledge of contemporary and historical drawing.

The course involves observational and non-representational drawing, experimental and conventional processes, and develops participants’ individual practices.

Throughout the course there will be a continuous appraisal of drawing; what it is, the basic components, and what it can be.
Artists whose practice contains a strong drawn component will be used as reference and inspiration – examples include Kathe Kollwitz, Egon Schiele, Kiki Smith, David Hockney, Ellen Gallagher, Tacita Dean, Jasper Johns, Vija Celmins, Julie Mehretu.

All Learners will be encouraged to bring in source material that have personal meaning and interest and to keep visual journals or sketchbooks to inform their work.

For this Intermediate to Advanced Drawing course, participants need to supply their own materials to ensure we maintain our levels of Covid-19 sanitisation. You will need:

  • graphite pencils
  • charcoal
  • black fineliner and biro
  • A3 size cartridge paper

About the Tutor

Sophie Wakefield designs and runs creative tours for visiting groups to the Barbican Art Gallery where she is the Schools & Families Guide.

She also teaches art on a freelance basis and since 2016 she has worked in community settings to support people’s wellbeing through art-making. Companies she has worked with include Chickenshed Theatre, Studio Upstairs, ActionSpace and Claremont Project. As of September she will be training as an art therapist at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Sophie is also a professional visual and performance artist. To look at more of her work visit


Coffee with Hayley is on Wednesdays


Join Rolfer and professional dancer Hayley J S Matthews for a short video movement lesson during your coffee break.

Designed to have a positive impact on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing through movement, these exercises help you move with ease and grace to strength and freedom. We’ll stream them on Facebook https://business.facebook.com/openealing

Hayley also offers online one-to-one posture and movement sessions. (Live one – to – one sessions and workshops at OPEN coming soon.) Visit her website and get in touch  www.rolfingwithhayley.org 

Learn how Rolfing can help posture, alignment, long-term pain, injury recovery, trauma and improved performance, giving you more ease and grace in what you want to do with your body and your life. One-to-ones can also be focused on over-coming mental and emotional health challenges through a body- based approach. 

Coffee with Hayley lessons are free but if you would like to make a donation please do so via paypal using Hayley’s email address hayleyjmatthews@hotmail.co.uk.