Barking Mad Textures : a two-day workshop

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

23 Oct - 24 Oct

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

£200 (£175 for concessions and students)

Class details

Join us for an innovative two day workshop using metal as a textile. Auckland based artist, Alysn Midgelow-Marsden leads an enjoyable workshop, “Barking Mad Textures”.

Monday 23 & Tuesday 24 October

10am – 4pm both days

Course Fee : £200 (£175 discounted rate for concessions and students)

The fee includes most materials and light refreshments

Limited to 8 artists

In this workshop we use textile based and mixed media techniques and materials to develop an interpretation of patterns of tree bark. You will create, collage, assemble and modify papers; use gilding techniques; use metallic fibres; and stitch by hand to develop a rich contemporary textile artwork.

Alysn demonstrates and explains all techniques so that you are able to participate no matter what stage you are at in your creative life.

This two-day workshop exploring Barking Mad Textures is suitable for makers with all levels of experience.

We aim to provide most, if not all, the materials you need or want to use during the workshop with Alysn and there will be starter kits available to purchase.

No matter your level of experience, everyone is welcome to join this course. We have a fun and supportive environment that is ideal for learning new techniques and sharing ideas.

We provide light refreshments throughout the day, but please bring your lunch. Or you could visit our neighbouring cafes in Dickens Yard – there are lots to choose from.


We shall provide the following equipment and materials:

  • Hand sewing requisites
  • Iron & Ironing pad
  • Embossing tools and an embossing mat if you have them
  • Alcohol inks
  • Non-stick baking parchment – approx. 1m per person
  • Threads for hand embroidery – but if you have a preferred colour scheme, please feel free to bring your own.
  • A selection of beads – however if you have some that fit with your preferred colour scheme, please feel free to bring your own.
  • A selection of scraps of velvet – however if you have a preferred colour scheme, please feel free to bring your own.
  • A plain fabric to stitch on. It could be cotton, silk, wool, velvet etc. Approx. A5 (A4 max)
  • Interfacing or a plain cotton backing fabric – A4 max
  • A few scraps of fibres or light chiffon etc for embellishments
  • Dye or ink in a spray bottle
  • Gummed silk cocoon strippings. 1 small bag approx. 5 -10 g is sufficient. (optional)*
  • Papers such as brown parcel paper/paper bags/wrapping papers/handmade papers/Asian or art paper/painted papers *
  • Bondaweb/Vliesofix *
  • Standard/Non-Fusible Angelina fibres *
  • Transfer leaf metal *

You to bring :

  • Any scrap domestic metals you can collect (hummus lids/pet food tin lids/coffee pods etc)


There is an opportunity to use a sewing machine with this project – if you want to exercise this option, please let us know. 


Course Details

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

Dates: 23 Oct - 24 Oct
Monday 10:00 am
Fees: £200 (£175 for concessions and students)

About the tutor

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden

Alysn Midgelow-Marsden has been described as an energiser and inspirer for her art making and her teaching practice. She is a maker of inspiring and visually compelling forms comprising three-dimensional lines, structures and patterns in complex, lyrical fluidities using media such as textiles, wires, metals and plastics.

Alysn says: “There are two major factors in my life which ran side by side for many years, moved apart and are now intertwined once again.

  • The first is that I can’t remember a time when I didn’t spend time ‘making’, or stitching. These efforts were not always successful, but we all have to start somewhere! As I grew older my creative efforts included painting and poetry but always included fibre arts.
  • The second major influence is a combination of biochemistry, marine biology and conservation which were my degree subjects. I think that my approach to my art and my world view is informed by the investigative, experimental exploration which is the basis of the scientific method.

My work concentrates on the themes of place, culture and stereotypes associated with textiles; and the coastal and marine environment – it’s beauty, raw energy and challenges.
In psychological terms we see not only individual objects, but their edges. It is a dynamic space in which we find tensions and strange interactions. These interferences touch on inter- and intra- personal interactions. Your viewpoint is everything; the approach and personal interaction with the pieces is everything.”

Her practice creates an invitation for you to experience personal connections through viscerally emotive interactions. The work is driven by curiosity about science, the psyche and the marine environment, and are marked visually by a complex and raw yet lyrical fluidity.

Alysn’s works stretch traditional definitions of media and dissolve boundaries between sculpture, installation and video works, often incorporating metal, wire, fibre, textile and stitch.

Recent awards for selected exhibitions include: Mandurah Wearable Art (Australia) for ‘What Lies Beneath’; ‘Wall Brooches II’, (Australia) for ‘Taniwha’; ‘Changing Threads’ Nelson Arts ‘Bernina Award’ for ‘The Space Between VII’. (New Zealand)

Published books:

‘Between the Sheets with Angelina’
‘This Lustr’ed Cloth’

‘Stitch, Fibre, Metal and Mixed Media’

W: www.alysnmidgelowmarsden.com
I: @alysnmmart

W: www.takingtextilesfurther.com

I: @takingtextilesfurther

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