Great Gallery Collections : Nick Pearson’s art lectures

Nick Pearson

21 Nov - 5 Dec

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD


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Join us for art history lectures by Nick Pearson and learn about some of the great gallery collections without leaving Ealing! In this series of lectures Nick starts with the Turner Collection, followed by the permanent collection at the Uffizi Gallery.



Lecture Topics :

  • 21 November : J M W Turner
  • 28 November : Uffizi Gallery Part l
  • 5 December : Uffizi Gallery Part ll

Fee : £10 per person includes light refreshments

Lecture Topics

21 November : J M W Turner

During this lecture Nick takes us to the Clore Gallery, Tate Britain and the National Gallery which is currently home to two Turner artworks on loan from the Frick Collection. Part of the Turner on Tour exhibition these paintings will be on show until February 2023.

Turner’s Romantic period vision of the power of nature is breath-taking. Johnathon Jones of The Guardian said of one of his seascapes; “You need a life jacket just to look at it!”

During this tour of the largest collection in the world of arguably Britain’s greatest painter you’ll be able to trace the influences and development of this intense, original and influential artist. He did his best and most memorable work when he was in his sixties!

Snow-Storm – Steam-Boat off a Harbour’s Mouth, c. 1842

28 November : Uffizi Gallery Part l

The Uffizi Gallery is one of the world’s oldest and most important art museums. Centuries before it was officially opened to the public the Medici family’s collection was open to visitors on request. It is mentioned in a 1591 guide to Florence as ‘amongst the most supremely beautiful sights in the world’.

Nowadays, the core of its collection includes works from the 13th to the 18th centuries and has the world’s most impressive collection of Renaissance art from the 15th and 16th centuries. We shall take in the gallery’s vast collection in two parts, which are roughly chronological.

Part l covers art from the 13th century up until the High Renaissance in Italy and the Northern Renaissance.

Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, c.1484

5 December : Uffizi Gallery Part ll

Part II begins with the High Renaissance in Italy and the Northern Renaissance and ends with 17th- and 18th-century art.

Michelangelo Doni Tondo c.1507

Looking forward to exploring the great gallery collections with you.


Course Details

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

Dates: 21 Nov - 5 Dec
Monday 1:30 pm
Fees: £10

About the tutor

Nick Pearson

Nick is an internationally exhibited artist and an enthusiastic lecturer. He has a passion for art of all period and teaches at various levels in schools, colleges, universities and adult learning centres; including

  • London College of Contemporary Art
  • Richmond Art School
  • OPEN Ealing
  • University of Oxford
  • Northampton University
  • Bradford College of Art

His artistic practice encompasses sculpture, drawing and photographic work. He creates large, wall-based works which explore formal relationships through shape and colour, often with a kind of abstract visual humour – but as in all collage, each constituent part has its own history and poetic meaning. Nick uses everyday objects in his artwork which he has often found or which have been discarded.

For more information on his work and exhibitions visit his website:

To book special, private tours (for birthdays, corporate events, etc) please email him:

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