Ealing Extranormal Volume 18

17 Jun

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

£12 in advance (£15 on the door)

Event details

Join us for Ealing Extranormal Volume 18. The event is a monthly showcase for sonically adventurous experimentation and electronics in West London. It is curated by Martin Lau (

Saturday 17 June

7.30 – 10pm

£12 per person, if you book in advance (Click here to book now)

£15/£12 concs. on the door.

Please remember to book your seat; we have limited tickets; so grab your ticket now – click here


The Programme

In this edition we feature sets from

John Macedo

Leon Michener

London-born pianist and composer. His unique approach to music encompasses art, video and electronics and seeks to push beyond the boundaries of what is technically and sonically possible on the traditional piano. His Klavikon project reimagines electronic music without the use of conventional processes – no loops, no prerecorded music, and no samples. Instead, all sounds, kicks, snares, bass and pads are created by preparing an amplified piano, an “acoustic workstation”, sequenced only by fingers, allowing human vagaries to triumph over quantised accuracy. Unique inventions and found objects – a custom-made pickup, a robot toy dog, vibrators, and lots of Blu-tak, augment the 88 keys delivering cascading batteries of percussion, sub-basses and dark abstract soundscapes. This amalgam of virtuosic piano technique and real-time electronic processing is at once connected with dance genres and 20th-century classical music.

Find out more about Leon and his Klavikon project on Instagram

Georgina Brett

Georgina Brett’s music is created using her voice and effects pedals, creating instant choirs of sound, often in an hypnotic style. The point of this music is not only to captivate with extraordinary timing and melodic style but also to help the listener to relax, in our ever-increasingly distracted world. Her double album “Nonsense A and Nonsense B” is of purely vocal works with no ‘deliberate’ words or lyrics. The albums show the voice as an instrument, and as a vehicle for emotional expression. “So much music is made in order to make us feel something so as to manipulate us to buy or to follow… this album lets your thoughts be whatever they want to be.” The albums also play with the idea that we like to interpret, constantly listening for meaning instead of just listening.

Visit Georgina’s website for more information


I am a quiet noisemaker, soundsculptor, free form improviser, exploring noise and silence, synthetic and natural sounds, and everything in between, using electronic and analogue instruments, objects, found sounds and human voice. my name’s Levente Dudas, and I am the creative power behind the musical project called N/O/E/W/A.

Visit the website for more information

We look forward to seeing you at Ealing Extranormal Volume 18.

We have a number of free guest passes for those unable to pay the price of admission. Please contact the organisers directly through this page, one per applicant.

There is no bar, so please bring your own refreshments.