Kaur is Princess : an exhibition by Gurpreet Parmar

29 Jul - 18 Aug

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD


Event details

OPEN Ealing is delighted to announce our latest collaboration with local artist, Gurpreet Parmar (aka NIcky). We look forward to seeing you at “Kaur is Princess”; Nicky’s inaugural exhibition.

30 July – 18 August

Private View and Meet the Artist: Friday 29 July. The event starts at 6.30pm

The name Kaur represents different things to different people.  For some, Kaur reflects Sikh values of equality, strength, social justice, and empathy. Come to the exhibition and you will see how the artist reflects these values in her work.

About the Artist and her Work

Gurpreet Parmar lives in Southall and her work is part of a long-term project about her hometown. Her main interest is in Indian culture and spirituality. She aims to create insights into her Sikh community and create a more positive image of Southall.

“I want my film posters and prints to tell stories about my hometown, with each artwork to invite the viewer into a different world which offers glimpses in time of both the ordinary and extraordinary and what happens next. My artwork is a mixture of fact and fiction.”

Gurpreet uses different mediums to express her ideas, including hand painted posters and linocuts. She paints mostly in acrylics on mixed media paper using colour and light in her compositions of things

  • seen
  • imagined
  • observed
  • or which have moved her emotionally

She works from photos, imagination and observation and has an eclectic style incorporating social and magical realism.

Looking at her artwork you’ll see five recurring themes:

  • cultural identity
  • home
  • spirituality
  • nature
  • feminism

When asked where she gets her inspiration from, Gurpreet responds, “My inspiration for my visual art is a love of nature, simplicity, Indian religions and philosophy and from my Indian heritage”.

The exhibition “Kaur The Princess” is on display at OPEN Ealing until 18 August. We look forward to seeing you.