The Ealing Writing Trail

15 May - 30 May

OPEN & various venues


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Welcome to The Ealing Writing Trail…where celebrating creativity and wellbeing is at the heart of what we do!

During May 2022, there are a variety of exciting free writing workshops taking place in Ealing and online. Interests in or curious about writing? Come and join us. It’s a great opportunity to use words to foster connection, communication and creativity. At the same time, we are promoting emotional health and enjoyment.

​What you can expect to enjoy:

  •  A free scavenger hunt giving you the chance to engage and   explore with words—YOUR WAY!
  •  Prize draws and free giveaways!
  •  An array of exciting workshops!

​The in-person writing workshops will take place at OPEN Ealing Arts Centre. A few of the writing workshops will also take place in other venues around Ealing as well so please do check the venue when making a booking. 

You can also join online writing workshops.

Do not worry if you have not attended a writing workshop before. You do not need formal creative or other writing experience. All you need is an open mind, a notebook, a pen, and the willingness to give writing a go!

All workshops are FREE to attend.

Workshop Programme

Sunday 15 May

2 – 4pm

OPEN Ealing

Visual Poetry-The Art of the Poetry Collage 

Led by: Dr Emma Filtness 

In this two-hour practical workshop, we’ll explore the relationship between poetry and collage, creating new works from a curated selection of texts, images and paper ephemera. We’ll layer and juxtapose images, and excerpt and arrange fragments of texts, making a visual poem that is designed to be both seen and read.

We’ll provide some tools and materials will be provided, however you are welcome to bring their own scissors, glue stick, and any paper-based materials you are keen to work with and happy to cut up – old magazines, junk mail, copies of photographs, used envelopes etc.

The workshop is free to attend but you must register as places are limited. Click on this link to book your spot.

Wednesday 18 May

5.30 – 7pm

Ealing Cross (report to ground floor reception)

Write Without Pressure – How to Start Journaling – an introduction

Led by: Dr Poonam Madar

This introductory workshop to journaling explores how you can build and develop a gentle, sustainable, and realistic journaling practice that works for you. Using guided multimedia writing prompts and different journaling techniques to get us started, we will explore the potential journey that we embark on when we begin a writing practice that is unique to us. If you have never journaled, find the idea intimidating, and / or have no idea where to start, this workshop is for you; and what is more, it is set in an enjoyable and relaxed environment. No more fear of the blank page!

Book your spot now – click on this link

Sunday 22 May

11.30 – 1pm

OPEN Ealing

Poetry for Reflection

Led by: Dr Gita Ralleigh

In Audre Lorde’s Poetry Is Not A Luxury, she speaks of poetry as the ‘quality of light by which we scrutinize our lives’. During this workshop we’ll use simple visual prompts, from pictures on our phones to the work of artists (provided), to write poetry as reflection, a way for us to elevate the quality of the light we shine upon our own lives. We will progress from simple forms such as the haiku and haibun to using template poems, in order to transform experience into words. This workshop is suitable for those new to poetry as well.

Preparation: As well as a notebook and pen, please bring a selection of photographs on your phone.

This workshop is aimed at people aged 16+. To book your place, please click on this link

Sunday 22 May

3 – 5pm

OPEN Ealing

Song Writing to Feel

Led by: Austin James

In this workshop we will cover some of the basics of song-writing to give you a few frameworks to write within, but we will also work towards finding your own process for writing music that connects emotionally with not only an audience, but with you.  If you can feel it, chances are that somebody else will too–and this is where the magic happens.

Preparation: Bring your favourite lyrics from a song that you like. You are welcome to perform your piece, we have a guitar ready.

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Monday 23 May

1 – 3pm

OPEN Ealing

How to Start Writing

Led by: Tomek Mossakowski 

Join us for a hands on pen-to-paper class. We all feel blocked at times – artistically, emotionally or mentally. We can

  • be terrified of the blank page
  • dream of writing but don’t know where or how to start

Using sensory prompts, some rules of writing, warm-up exercises and more, this class will help you free yourself, inside and on paper. The first step can be the hardest, but it’s a lot easier when done together.

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Wednesday 25 May

5.30 – 7pm


Wednesdays Women: The ARTof Being You

Led by: Dr Poonam Madar

For more information: visit The Ealing Writing Trail website

To book your spot: click on this link

Thursday 26 May

11am – 12.30pm


Hip Hop HEALS Self-Care Session

Led by: Kiran Bangerh now Manley

For more information: visit The Ealing Writing Trail website

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Sunday 29 May

11.30am – 1pm


Nature & Wellbeing – Writing the Landscape

Led by: Dr Roshni Beeharry

For more information: visit The Ealing Writing Trail website

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Sunday 29 May

11.30am – 1pm

OPEN Ealing

Writing What I Love About Ealing 

Led by: Grace Quansah (aka ‘Akuba’)

A writing session for young people aged 8 – 16. Bring one of your favourite items to this workshop and learn how to create written and visual narratives. Parents, Carers and WAPPY volunteers are all welcome.

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Sunday 29 May

3.30 – 5.30pm

OPEN Ealing

Project Collage

Led by: Kayleigh Cassidy

Project Collage is a creative enterprise that encourages children and adults to express themselves through the mindful art of collage. For more information please visit The Ealing WritingTrail website.

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Monday 30 May

12.30 – 2.30pm

OPEN Ealing

Sound & Scribe

Led by: Dr Poonam Madar and (Rev) Dr Monique Charles

Please bring a yoga mat to this sound and scribe workshop. It is a fully immersive experience. For more information visit The Ealing Writing Trail website

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