Art of Wellness : a workshop with Oils by Kasia

Learn how to create a happy mind, body and home in this Art of Wellness workshop.

Monday 18 October

12.30 – 2.30pm

£35 per person

Book your place via this PayPal link or message Kasia

Venue: OPEN Ealing Unit 14 School Lane Dickens Yard W5 2TD

Kasia will provide all the materials you require for this workshop.

After the year we have had, you deserve some time to learn how you can live a healthier and more natural life. Not just for you, but for those you love. This Art of Wellness workshop will take you on a journey of discovery. A journey that will keep you both safe and more focused in these ever changing times.

You will learn how to use essential oils safely and Kasia will give you guidance on how they can help you. During the session you create your own sprays and blends to take home, including a “good night” spray.

This workshop covers:

  • What essential oils are and how they work
  • How you can manage stress with essential oils
  • How to deal with sleep problems the natural way
  • The art of creating your own roller blend to support mindfulness affirmation from selected affirmation cards
  • You will learn how to bring nature into your home. Kasia will provide you with some essential oil samples which you can use during the workshop.
  • The best way to source oils for you and your family
  • We will also have time to answer any questions you may have

If you have never been to OPEN before, when you get to Dickens Yard, we are the same end as the Church, Gail’s Bakery and Brew Dog. School Lane is the “walk way” to the left of Bar #17 which looks like it is going to flats. We are along there on the left. If you reach Gym Box – you’ve just missed us!