Artist Houria Niati explores her practice : Lost ID/Entity

Join us for a stimulating evening with artist Houria Niati as she shares her art, experiences and things which has influenced her with us.

Friday 15 October

7 – 9pm

£10 per person


Venue: OPEN Ealing Arts Centre Unit 14 School Lane Dickens Yard W5 2TD

Houria Niati was born in Algeria and started painting when she was very young. Her early influences came from her surroundings and growing up in a war torn country. As a result of her experiences, Houria developed a fascination with how people adapt themselves to their environment. She explores the ideas of a person’s identity and displacement and represents them in her art. She is recognised as one of the most important artists emerging from North Africa and is probably the first contemporary Algerian Woman Artist to exhibit in the UK.

Houria settled in the UK in 1977 and held her first exhibition in London in 1983. Since then she has had many exhibitions; not only in the UK, but also across Europe, the Middle East and America. In 2015 she had an exhibition at the Palazzio Mora which was one of the venues of the Venice Biennale. She has been invited to show again in 2022.

During the talk Houria will share what she enjoys most about her art and her main sources of influence. You’ll discover how multi-talented she is. She uses a fusion of multi-media techniques to create her art: painting, oil pastel drawing and digital print. She frequently combines it with poetry and music.

The subjects and vivid colours she uses in her art reflect her multicultural background, specifically French, Algerian and British. Her paintings and installations have an international feel. She combines

  • Afro-Algerian myths and legends
  • French Romanticism and Surrealism
  • European Post-Impressionism and Expressionism

Come along on Friday 15 October to hear more about artist Houria Niati journey and her plans for the future.

Visit her website to see images of her work.

Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you have never been to OPEN before, when you get to Dickens Yard, we are the same end as the Church, Gail’s Bakery and Brew Dog. School Lane is the “walk way” to the left of Bar #17 which looks like it is going to flats. We are along there on the left. If you reach Gym Box – you’ve just missed us!