Courtauld Gallery – Highlights from the Permanent Collection

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When: 22 Jul -
Wednesday 2:00 pm
Price: £20pp (£30 for two)

Wednesday 22 July


£20 pp (£30 for two on one email account)

French Realism, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism

The Courtauld Gallery has been closed for some time already for major renovation work. We shall be starved of one of artist, Nick Pearson’s favourite collections in London until at least spring 2021. But you can still see it here on your screen. Why not thoroughly spoil yourself with this feast of French 19th-century modern art: Nick’s highlights from the best permanent collection of this period outside of Paris!

Please contact Nick directly on and he’ll let you know how to pay the fee into his account or where to send a cheque, to secure your place. If you don’t have or have never used Zoom,  let Nick know and he can show you how to download it and get started very easily.

Nick’s ‘tours’ take the form of illustrated slide lectures. If you sign up, you’ll be sent a pdf with high-resolution images that you can easily flick through on screen, or print out and follow as he takes to the floor on Zoom, with projected images on his studio wall. These projected, filmed and transmitted images won’t be as sharp as those he’ll be sending you on the pdf, but will allow him to point things out as he speaks, in an attempt to make the presentation as much like a live lecture as possible.

About the Tutor

Nick Pearson is an internationally exhibited contemporary artist whose practice encompasses sculpture, drawing and photographic work. His simple interventions and appropriations of the familiar things that surround us (made uncanny by way of his approach and working practices) deal with the language, the possible associations and the status of ‘ordinary’ objects. Nick first studied on the Art & Design Foundation Course at Leeds (Jacob Kramer) College of Art and continued his studies at The Polytechnic Wolverhampton and Stourbridge College of Art.

He lectures on modern art and design history and runs other, short art & design units at London College of Contemporary Arts, OPEN Ealing and Richmond Adult Community College.