Shut Up and Write

2 Apr - 23 Jul

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD


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The start of a new year is perfect for getting your writing habit under way and to keep you motivated and accountable. We are hosting a weekly writing group, “Shut Up and Write”. Bring your writing project and get stuck in for one hour. In the second hour, you are welcome to share what you’ve written (or not).


6 – 8pm

2 April – 23 July

Free to attend

So, how did it go with that book/play/poetry collection/blog/screenplay you vowed you’d write in 2023 (or 2022, 2020, 2016, take your pick)? 

Did you finish or did other ‘stuff’ get in the way? Maybe the muse took a sabbatical without telling you.

Getting down to writing can be a challenge after a day at work, or when the children have gone to bed. Not everyone can rise at 5am and rattle off a thousand words, or slave over a hot laptop until the wee hours. 

Join us at Shut Up and Write. All you need to bring is your writing device, or if you’re old school, a notebook and pen.

Course Details

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

Dates: 2 Apr - 23 Jul
Tuesday 6:00 pm
Fees: FREE

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