‘D I S T A N C E D 1’

Event Details

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

When: 12 Sep -
Saturday 7:00 pm
Price: £10

Saturday 12 September

7 – 11pm

£10 – Book via Eventbrite

Join us for the first in the ‘D I S T A N C E D’ series of performance art featuring Shaun Caton and Paul Hurley.

‘DISTANCED’ is born out of necessity. It’s motivated by a desire to support performance art, artists and audiences in London at this challenging time.

It provides a supportive inclusive environment and encourages inter generational dialogue by working with emergent, mid career and established artists. It doesn’t impose curatorial themes. It simply works with a set of precautions designed to limit the risk of infection.

‘DISTANCED’ is curated and managed by Rebecca Weeks & Ian Whitford.

Socially distanced performance – booking essential.

Tonight’s Performers


Enter a phantasmagorical world of primordial technicolor shadows in this unique live performance by Shaun Caton with co-performers, Rebecca Weeks & Vivian Chinasa Ezugha. With a soundtrack by Alice Kemp.

Shaun Caton has made about 400 live performances over the past 33 years. Shaun understands Performance as a shamanic process of image making using the body as a tool instead of a brush or camera. Performances, often durational in the past incorporate painting, writing, movements, spoken word and sound.

Recent highlights include: ‘Il Giardino Grottesco’ The 58th Venice Biennale Palazzo Pesaro Papafava (Alive in the Universe) June 2nd 2019. ‘For Old Times’ Sake’ Cill Rialaig Arts Centre, County Kerry, Ireland, July 2017. ‘Rainschemes For Insomniacs: A Kitchen Stink Drama’ Produced by the Pacitti Company for SPILL Festival of Performance, 2016.



Dancing, smelling, mourning, yearning, raging, trying, touching, walking, folding, holding time. Increasing / decreasing. Stop. How to make performance after / in the middle of all of this? Be together in a room, in this room, and not hold hands? Paul Hurley’s performance attempts at an easing in, a return to the body in 2020, a mix of ritual, kitsch and humour, of light and sound and flesh. Human body, plant body, animal body. (Viral body).

Paul Hurley works in performance and other media, across human and more-than-human worlds. He is interested in animals, ritual and silence, and in bringing queer humour to artistic endeavour. Through the creation of actions and encounters, he tries to make meaningful space for becoming in the world. He has worked in galleries, theatres and public spaces internationally, solo and in collaboration with other artists, film makers and academics.


Photo Credits:
Shaun Caton: Julius G. Beltrame
Paul Hurley: Warren Orchard

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