Drawing Movement: an online drawing session

Course Details


Dates: 15 Jun - 3 Aug
Tuesday 7:00 pm
Fees: £10 per session

Drawing Movement is an online drawing session led by Stephanie Osztreicher. These workshops are an opportunity for you to explore the fundamentals of movement in life drawing.


7 – 9pm

15 June – 3 August inclusive

£10 per session

We loosely group the sessions into blocks of five and Stephanie devises overarching themes for each five week period. Even though we will have a different movement principle or focus every week, they will all relate to the overarching theme. By the end of the five week period you will have had the opportunity to really get to grips with particular features in drawing movement.

During the two hour session the professional model or dancer will embody various movements and strike a mix of long and short poses which the tutor will explain.

All the models we work with in these sessions will be movement performers and dancers. They will strike a mix of short and medium length poses. The models will demonstrate a movement so that artists are able to understand it. After the demonstration, the models will suspend the movement so the artists can sketch it. Each movement includes detailed explanations.

Occasionally there will be moving poses.

We’ll also explore how you can find movement in a static pose.

By joining drawing movement with Stephanie, you will be able to explore movement both technically and expressively. It will add to your in person life drawing sessions

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday evenings for an online drawing session with Stephanie and a variety of professional models/performers.

The Theme for Tuesday 15 June is Pina Bausch, an iconic choreographer and visionary of dance theatre.


Stephanie Osztreicher is a movement director, teacher, performer and life model.

She trained at CSSD, Ballarat Arts Academy and Lecoq in Paris and works across film, visual arts and music. Her work also includes interdisciplinary performance with the main interest being the potential of creative, social and cultural exchanges movement can provide.  As a life model, she has worked with high profile art institutions, individual artists and on a range of performance art events.