Ealing Extranormal Volume 10

15 Oct

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

£10 in advance (£15 on the door)

Event details

Join us for Ealing Extranormal Volume 10. The event is a monthly showcase for sonically adventurous experimentation and electronics in West London. It is curated by Martin Lau (www.martinlau.net).

Saturday 15 October

7.30 – 10pm

£10 per person

£15/£10 concs. on the door.

Please remember to book your seat; we have limited tickets. Click on this link to reserve your place.


The Programme

In this edition we feature sets from

Blanc Sceol

Meet Stephen Shiell and Hannah White who are the artist duo “Blanc Sceol”. Their compositions, interventions and performances express their experience of place. They re-imagine what is found in a landscape into new territories and create encounters to connect both materially and energetically to their surroundings. They are certified Deep Listening® practitioners and regularly run workshops and sound walks exploring listening and sound making in public spaces.

Learn more about their work by visiting their website : https://www.blancsceol.co.uk

Matt Atkins

Matt Atkins is a London based sound and visual artist whose principle interests are reductionism, chance, repetition and texture. He uses objects, percussion instruments, occasionally a laptop and cassette recorders to create sound collages in both the recorded medium and live, often in collaborative performances. He runs the label Minimal Resource Manipulation.

To listen to his sound – click here

Andrej Bako

Andrej Bako is a sound artist researching ideas around collective memory, psychology, human agency and our impact on the natural world through installation, site specific work and performance.

Visit the website to learn more about Bako’s work : https://www.andrejbako.co.uk/

Klerks of Bedessea

Black Arrows is multidisciplinary artist. Alice Karveli, tearing rips through the fabric of Spacetime with sonic implements, sometimes gently, sometimes harshly, at times soOver rock and lichen crawls Klerks of Bedessea. Born of the Cornish Sea and forged on sacred ground, Klerks of Bedessea conduct otherworldly rituals that infuse folk horror and tech futurism with a medley of sea salt infused electronics and seaweed addled accoustic instruments.


We look forward to seeing you at Ealing Extranormal Volume 10.