How to draw and paint in ink


9 – 23 September

9.30am – 12.30pm

Course Fee: £60 Adults (£45 Concession)

Learn how to draw and paint in ink with a nib pen is FULLY BOOKED. Please contact us if you would like to go on the waiting list for the next one.

Led by professional artist and experienced tutor, Andrea Tierney, you will learn to create art using nib pen and ink. With your new found skills you will be able to take part in the 2020 Inktober Drawing Challenge

From Rembrandt and Turner to Van Gogh, Aubrey Beardsley and Daniel Egneus, this technique using pen and ink has proved highly popular throughout the centuries. Perhaps because it combines the techniques of drawing and painting in a simple but effective way.

This three week course is suitable for beginners and people with some experience of how to draw and paint in ink.

During the course you will covering everything from mark making to applying washes.

  • Session 1: We look at the basics of drawing, mark making and shading techniques with nib pen and ink. We pay particular attention to contrast, tone, negative space, line and area. We finish by creating a small still life.
  • Session 2: We learn how to sketch figures using the nib pen and brush to combine drawing and painting in ink. We dilute the inks to create various strengths and learn the techniques to layer ink.
  • Session 3: Using Charles Rennie Mackintosh as an influence we focus on botanical studies and combine drawing and painting in ink.

You will need to provide your own materials for this course.

  • Bottle of black permanent (waterproof) ink
  • Watercolour brushes sizes 4 & 6
  • Dip Pen Nib for drawing (not calligraphy) and nib-holder
  • Medium weight Cartridge paper (120gsm), A4 or A3
  • HB Pencil, rubber, sharpener
  • Palette
  • Apron or old shirt

About the Tutor

Andrea Tierney is a practising artist with a training in Fine Art, Digital media and Textile Design. She has exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and worked in artist residencies in Italy, the Czech Republic and Austria.
For 15 years she worked as art teacher in High Schools and as visiting artist in Primary and High Schools as well as taught Life Drawing and Drawing and Painting in Adult Education.