Imbolc : sound, image and dance made by Murmura

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When: 2 Oct -
Saturday 9:00 pm
Price: Min = £5 : Suggested = £12

We look forward to welcoming you to Imbolc on Saturday 2 October. Made by Murmura, Imbolc is an online sharing of the live show and a chat with the artists.

Saturday 2 October


Online – we’ll send you the link to join the event a few days before the show.

Payment is via PayPal – please click on this link to pay your chosen contribution

Payment options:

  • Minimum= £5
  • Suggested amount = £12
  • Custom amount = please choose an amount at the payment stage

Earlier this year we were fortunate to be able to welcome Hayley and Al to OPEN where they created Imbolc. It was a fascinating process and one which we feel privileged to have been a part of.

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‘Imbolc’ is made from a seed of darkness.

It is a territory of sound, image and dance. Made by husband and wife duo ‘Murmura’.

Taking inspiration from the traditional musical composition of a nocturne, Imbolc is an exploration of darkness, wildness and deep self propelled into the outside world. Imbolc is the pagan word for the time of year when spring is rumbling inside deep winter.

It integrates electronic samples with live flute, guitar, drums, dance and a series of photographic images shot at night in early February, the time of Imbolc, while staring into the sea mist at Great Yarmouth, UK. These images envelope the show.

Sonically it dwells in ambience, dark folk, and post-rock vibes.

What audiences have been saying:

“A dark, driving, potent dream”

“Reminded us of Sigur Ros, but set by the North Sea”

“Some serious sonic youth (dis)chord structure, married with The Neck’s melodic flow”

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About Imbolc

Guitar, drums & photography: Alistair H M Simmons

Flute, vocals and dance: Hayley J S Matthews

Sound design: Sean Kennedy

Camera: Ruby Phelan

Assistant: Ezra Klarnett Coy