Mindfulness Embroidery Classes

22 Apr - 24 Jun

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

Booking via allthingsdesign.co.uk

Class details

Wednesday 1.30 – 3.30pm

22 April – 24 June

Booking: via Annica’s website

Hand embroidery is an ancient mindfulness practice and the perfect creative way to relax, de-stress and help your mental health. By keeping your hands busy with embroidery you will find that your breathing will slow, your senses will engage and everything but the moment disappears with each stitch.

In my classes I focus on giving space to be present without any judgement, pressure to perform or doing right or wrong. You choose materials and threads in an array of colours, and then let the hands guide you one small stitch at a time. It’s not what you’re embroidering that matters, the goal isn’t to complete a gorgeous project (although you can if you want), it is to practice mindfulness. If at the end of each session you have nothing to show except for a slowed heart rate and mental space, you’ve done a perfect job. The weekly class will give you a regular space to focus.  As you sew there will be time to reflect and connect with self and others. 

No prior knowledge of embroidery is needed as I will guide you through the process. If you know a thing or two about chain stitch, stem stitches and french knots that’s fine too, but the aim is not to learn embroidery, but to use the craft as a means to relax and boost your mood.

Everything you need during sessions will be provided and is included in the 10 week course.

About the Tutor

Annica May is a multidisciplinary crafter and designer who lives and breathes design and creativity.

She runs her own business called All Things Design, a name that reflects the many forms her work takes as a graphic designer, crafter, maker & furniture restyler.

She holds a journalist degree from Sweden and her graphic design career came out of that some 25 years ago while working internationally and a couple of years later moving to the UK. She is an interior design hobbyist with a degree level gateway course in Interior Design from De Montfort University. She used to trawl the craft markets in West London but now uses Etsy as her craft selling platform. She is an upcycling/restyling ambassador and treat tired and old quality furniture as treasures in disguise.

Although not a qualified mindfulness teacher she has a passion for passing on the age old knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of arts and crafts. Something that is born out of decades of seeing herself and others benefiting in body, mind and soul from crafting, sewing, embroidery, knitting and crocheting.

Social Media Links: @thescandicrafthouse, @allthingsdesign4you, allthingsdesign.co.uk 

Course Details

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

Dates: 22 Apr - 24 Jun
Wednesday 1:30 pm
Fees: Booking via allthingsdesign.co.uk

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