Photographer Al Simmons presents

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Instagram Live

When: 9 Jun -
Tuesday 12:00 pm
Price: Free

Tuesday 9 June

12 noon

Instagram Live Event

Photographer Al Simmons presents a live Q&A on Instagram sharing information about his work and the equipment he uses.

Al grew up in Yorkshire, and originally picked up a camera to shoot live music in the punk and heavy metal scene around Leeds and Bradford. As much as he loved being crammed into small, sweaty gig venues with hundreds of other bodies, his interest expanded to portrait and landscape photography, and as the years went on he became more interested in filmmaking. This led him to do a Film degree, with photography always being in the background as a hobby, and his intention for some years was to work towards being a cinematographer.

When he graduated and began looking for work, he came across a photography rental company by chance, and they were looking for a sales person who was passionate about photography, and was willing to learn the technical aspects on the job. He was lucky to start working with The Flash Centre, and this role taught him the principles of flash lighting, which he’d never fully explored before, and gave him access to a range of equipment he’d never encountered before. He learned a lot through taking kit home and shooting portrait work (indoors and outdoors) and this completely enhanced his passion for photography, beyond it being purely a hobby. This job also introduced him to digital medium format cameras, which totally blew his mind, in particular the company Phase One who produce the highest quality cameras on the market. This completely re-defined his approach (both technically and from a sales perspective), and this eventually led him on to a new role at a company called Teamwork.

Teamwork are the UK partner for Phase One, amongst a range of other premium equipment for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Al’s role is in the sales and education of these products, and he loves working closely with photographers of all practices to find the best solutions for them. He still shoots his own work alongside, with the equipment that Teamwork supply; “I see this as essential to me being able to offer the best service and support for our customers”.

Al has recently started a podcast series, where he talks with photographers across a range of disciplines, about their background, their inspiration and their process, and this can be found at

A selection of his work can be found at Instagram links: @alvin_simonides, @teamwork_photo

Teamwork can be found at

Photographer Al Simmons presents is exclusively on Instagram.