Rodin Inspired Life Painting sessions with Gail Astbury

14 Sep - 19 Oct

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

for the Course : Full £165 ; Retired £150 ; Concession £120 (also Pay As You Go option)

Class details

Join Gail Astbury for a new six week course. During this course we learn the techniques used in Rodin inspired life painting.


10am – 12pm

14 September – 19 October

Course Fees: Full £165 ; Retired £150 ; Concession £120

Pay As You Go Rates: Full £34 ; Retired £30 ; Concession £24

Rodin adopted a studious approach to the human body, building up as complete a picture as possible. It didn’t matter whether his models were clothed or naked, mythological, or modern, he was able to capture their essence. He did this by using quick changing poses and watercolour paints which creates lightness and fluidity. His drawings were sometimes a single line, at others he used several lines. Sometimes he created detailed representations of his models, at others his approach was more flowing with just a few curves, or an outline in pencil.

These drawings informed his sculpture, which can be seen at Tate Modern’s The Making of Rodin currently on show until November 2021.

As a watercolour artist, Gail has always been drawn to these studies as stand out beautiful works and they will be the inspiration for these painting and drawing sessions with a life model.


We supply the following equipment and materials

  • Watercolour Paper for the preliminary class and colour mixing exercises
  • Palette
  • Water Jars
  • Kitchen Paper
  • Cotton Buds

You will need to bring:

  • Watercolour paints (solid pans)
  • Watercolour pencils
  • Brushes (various shapes round/flat/mop and sizes ranging from 4, 6, 8,10 and 12)
  • Watercolour paper for the final class painting
  • Watercolour sketchbook
  • Your Apron

Join us for this short series of Rodin inspired life painting sessions.

About the Tutor

Gail Astbury has a B.A. (Hons) Fine Art Painting from Wimbledon UAL and an MA in Contemporary Arts Practice from Goldsmiths University and Tate Galleries. Her work has featured in many prominent locations such as London’s Trafalgar Square, the Royal Albert Hall and the Royal Academy and she has works held in the collection of the MMSU Museum of Modern Art in Croatia.

Gail makes work in her studios in London and La Péruse, southwest France. Her work starts with her immediate surroundings, taking photos, sketching and amassing a picture library to use as reference points. Then she plays with the imagery, using scale, colour, edits and zoom to select and highlight interesting focal points. She uses a range of techniques to create paintings that are celebratory. They tell visual tales and proclaim societal hopes and fears.  http://www.gailastbury.com 

Course Details

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

Dates: 14 Sep - 19 Oct
Tuesday 10:00 am
Fees: for the Course : Full £165 ; Retired £150 ; Concession £120 (also Pay As You Go option)

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