Summer Events at Greenford Quay

Join us for Summer Events this August as we explore Greenford Quay with A Wonderful Adventure and artist Gail Astbury.

A Wonderful Adventure presents a unique and immersive production of Wind in the Willows. Built around the iconic and whimsical characters of Mole, Badger and Mr Toad, this experience invites you to share in their tales of friendship and adventure, through a combination of storytelling and theatrics. The trail, which spans across Greenford Quay, is suitable for visitors of all ages and abilities, with each experience tailored to your group depending on whether you are a family unit or an adult party. SOLD OUT

Professional artist and tutor, Gail Astbury has run a successful walking and watercolour course for many years. She brings her skills and insights to Greenford Quay and has developed two painting and walking workshops as part of the Summer Events claendar:

Wednesday 5 August – Land & Riverscapes

Wednesday 19 August – Flora & Fauna