Summer Reading Challenge 2020

We are delighted to be asked by Ealing Libraries to assist with their Summer Reading Challenge 2020 and maintain the momentum they had built up over the years in encouraging the Borough’s young resident to engage with the library.

For several years the library staff and volunteers have encouraged the Borough’s young readers with new books and activities. This year they wanted to maintain the momentum they have built up for children to participate and decided to take Summer Reading Challenge 2020 online. They were looking for a short play or enactment of a story which could be uploaded to their YouTube channel.

OPEN has worked with the Library many times before providing performances and plays for a variety of events. We turned to A Wonderful Adventure with whom we have collaborated on a number of occasions and agreed on an adaptation of a well-known children’s book. A Wonderful Adventure adapted The Dragon Tamers by Edith Nesbit. Their lockdown production has been uploaded to Ealing Libraries YouTube channel for viewing.

Children can join the #SillySquad by registering on

For more information on how to borrow books online or find more activities visit