Drawing, Ink & Watercolour with Andrea Tierney

Course Details

OPEN Ealing Arts Centre W5 2TD

Dates: 25 Feb - 14 Apr
Tuesday 2:00 pm
Fees: £15 per session. 10% discount if you pay for the four sessions up front, or are in receipt of benefits Materials are not supplied.

Tuesdays 2 – 5pm

25 Feb – 14 April

£15 per session. 10% discount when you block book four sessions.

Learn all the techniques of drawing, mark making ink and watercolour painting. Every four weeks Andrea selects a different subject for you to master the techniques.

Workshop 1

  • Basics of drawing, mark making and shading techniques
  • Looking at contrast, tone, negative space, line and area
  • Drawing a still life

Required materials: HB or a range of pencils, rubber, sharpener, drawing paper

Workshop 2

  • Drawing and painting in ink
  • Learning to use nib pen and brush
  • Sketching figures

Required materials: Nib pen, Watercolour brushes (nr 4 and 6), black ink (water resistant), drawing paper (120g or more), palette

Workshop 3

  • Watercolour painting
  • Learning the basics of colour mixing
  • Painting wet on wet
  • Learning glazing techniques (painting in layers)
  • Looking at principles of composition
  • Painting a still life

Required materials: pencil, watercolour paints, palette, brushes (nr 4/6/8), watercolour paper

Workshop 4

  • Combining watercolour techniques with ink drawing
  • Mixing secondary colours, creating skin colour ranges
  • Using both drawing and painting techniques for portraiture or figure

Required materials: watercolour paints, black ink (water resistant), brushes, nib pen, palette, watercolour paper with a smooth surface texture.

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Andrea Tierney is a practising artist with a training in Fine Art, Digital media and Textile Design. Not only has she exhibited widely in the UK and abroad and worked in artist residencies in Italy, the Czech Republic and Austria, she has worked as art teacher in High Schools and as visiting artist in Primary and High Schools as well as taught Life Drawing and Drawing and Painting in Adult Education for 15 years.

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